On "societies functioning after ruin," Twine texts, queer RPGs, and teaching about utopia in 2020.
On the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab's attempt to build a global network of devices designed to detect collective outpourings of psychic…
On work by women that encourages us to think of language as a sonorous system, meant not only to signify but also to be sounded.
On Dan Taeyoung's argument that "creating collective physical spaces is also, ultimately, a political act." 
On Anne Boyer's newsletter Mirabilary, and varieties of contemporary faith.
So I'm doing a thing this summer. Specifically, I'm taking a look through notes in my notecard index that I've designated as worthy of further investig…
I am writing this on July 1st, 2020. 49 years ago today, poet Bernadette Mayer began work on a project called Memory.
On cyberpunk aesthetics, Gerhard Richter, Hanne Darboven, and the 500 books written by an eighteenth century German political prisoner.
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